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Company Registration in UK

Doing Business in UK:

Based on the World Bank Doing Business survey, the UK is ranked top in Europe in terms of ease of doing business and fourth in the world. It offers a number of competitive advantages as a hub for investors to conduct their business. The UK is a flexible and business-minded location, historically recognised as a well-established and reputable jurisdiction in which to conduct business. Foreign businesses coming to the UK should be aware that the accounts of all UK companies are subject to public disclosure through the Registrar of Companies.

The UK’s open market and diversified economy has traditionally provided an active base for overseas investors and businesses. It has a long and successful history of trade with the rest of the world. In the current economic climate, overseas investment is as important as ever to the growth of the UK economy and the government has been sending out a clear message that the UK is very much ‘open for business’.

Types of Businesses one can open in USA:

The foreign investor or foreign company can open the business in UK in the following ways:

(1) UK Establishment,
(2) Limited Company and
(3) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

Let us go through one by one.

UK Establishment:

A UK establishment is either a branch or a place of business. An establishment is not a separate legal entity from the overseas parent and therefore does not have limited liability in its own right. Every overseas entity that has an establishment in the UK from which it does business must register the UK establishment within one month by providing the following details to the UK Registrar of Companies:

  • A completed form OSIN01 containing details of Name of the Company, Country of Operation, Address of the establishment in UK and overseas, Details of Directors and Shareholders and details of person authorised.

  • A certified copy and translation of the company’s constitutional documents;

  • A translated copy of the company’s latest audited financial statements (if the company is required to file accounts publically in its country of incorporation); and

  • Registration fee of £20 (£50 for same day service).

Limited Company:

A limited company is a separate legal entity with its own limited liabilities. This is much more substantial than a UK establishment and offers greater assurance for customers and others who come into contact with the business. It also offers more flexibility of ownership than an establishment. It must

  • Have at least one natural director;

  • Appoint auditors, unless its turnover and balance sheet are below specified thresholds;

  • Keep registers of members, charges, directors and company secretaries etc;

  • Deliver an annual return and statutory accounts to the Registrar of Companies, together with having the accounts approved by the directors/shareholders; and

  • Have a registered office address in the UK.

A company is incorporated by filing the following with the UK Registrar of Companies:

  • A signed Memorandum of Association;

  • Signed Articles of Association;

  • Completed form IN01 (details of the Registered Office, Directors, share capital, shareholders and a statement of compliance stating that various requirements have been met); and

  • Registration fee of £20 (£50 for same day service).

When all formalities have been followed, the Registrar of Companies will issue a certificate of incorporation which is evidence that the company is duly established and can begin trading. The most common corporate vehicle is a limited company. However, it is also possible to establish a public company. This has minimum share capital of £50,000 or the prescribed Euro equivalent.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP):

An LLP is a legal entity with a flexible organisational structure like that of a partnership. It must have at least two members and all members have limited liability. Designated members have responsibility for:

  • Appointing an auditor (if needed);

  • Signing and filing the accounts;

  • Notifying Companies House of any membership changes etc.; and

  • Delivering an annual return to the Registrar of Companies.

An LLP is incorporated by filing the following with the UK Registrar of Companies:

  • Completed form LL IN01 (details of the LLP’s name, registered office, details of members and statement of compliance); and

  • Registration fee of £20 (£50 for same day service).

Audit Exemption for UK Companies:

An UK company may qualify for an audit exemption if it has at least 2 of the following

  • An annual turnover of no more than £10.2 million.

  • Assets worth no more than £5.1 million.

  • 50 or fewer employees on average.

VAT Registration in UK:

You must register for VAT if your VAT taxable turnover goes over £85,000 (the 'threshold'), or you know that it will. Your VAT taxable turnover is the total of everything sold that is not VAT exempt. You can also register voluntarily.

Let's Clear Your Doubts

Can a foreigner incorporate a company in UK?


Can a foreigner own 100% of the equity?


Can I register Oner Person Company in UK?

Yes. A company can be owned and operated by a single person; i.e., a person can be the sole shareholder and director of a company.

What is the minimum share capital requirement for registering a UK Company?


What are the requirements to a foreigner to register a Company in UK?

There must be at least one director appointed. All directors must be at least 16 years old. The company must have a registered office address in the UK,

The company must have a minimum share capital of £1.

I am a foreigner and do I need to physically present in UK to register my Company?

If you register through a company formation agent, there is no need to travel to the UK, post any physical documents, or sign any paperwork in person. You can simply upload and deliver documents electronically and create a unique online 'signature' to authorise the registration.

How long will it take to incorporate my UK Company?

1 day.

Register your UK Company with us for less! Start here & Save! Contact Now!

Get Certificate, MOA, AOA, VAT, Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) Number, Bank Account Opening Support, VISAs and Share Certificates!