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Company Registration in BVI

Doing Business in BVI:

British Virgin Islands (BVI) company registration is the most popular offshore business filing choice for people in Asia and Europe. It is also very popular for many in the Americas. When searching for jurisdictions form a corporation, many business owners feel that BVI is a good choice because of the privacy and tax benefits. The popularity of the British Virgin Islands as an offshore incorporation strategy has resulted in thousands of corporations being formed here every year. About 40 percent of all offshore companies are formed in BVI.

An Offshore Company is a legal business entity that is set up with the intention of operating outside its registered jurisdiction and/or the location of its ultimate ownership. Offshore companies can feature in most financial planning scenarios when trying to mitigate tax exposure and/or with regards to passing assets on to beneficiaries freely in the event of death. Sometimes referred as Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV).

An “offshore company” is generally understood to be a corporation registered in a “tax haven” low-tax or zero-tax country. A BVI Business Company is exempt from the BVI income tax, the same exemption applies to all dividends, interest, rents, royalties, compensations and other amounts paid by a company, and all capital gains realised with respect to any shares, debt obligations or other securities of the company. No estate, inheritance, succession or gift tax is payable with respect to any shares, debt obligations or other securities of a BVI BC. All transactions and instruments relating to transfers of any type of property of assets, shares, debt obligations or securities to or by a BVI BC are exempt from the stamp duty.

Benefits of Registering a Company in BVI:

Incorporating a Company in the British Virgin Islands provides many benefits to business owners. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Companies are not required to pay income tax to the British Virgin Islands government.

  • You do not need to pay large fees to establish and maintain your business in BVI.

  • Your company will not need to share information about officers, directors, owners, or shareholders. None of this information is filed with the Registrar and confidentiality remains, as these names are not listed in the public records.

  • The British Virgin Islands does not restrict where you can do business or where you can buy property, giving business owners a wide range of options.

  • It is also easy to move your company from the British Virgin Islands to another jurisdiction.

  • Neither the FATF or OECD has ever blacklisted the British Virgin Islands as an offshore services domicile.

  • Protection of Intellectual Properties.

  • Access to a stable and business-friendly legal system.

  • BVI Business Companies do not have an obligation to prepare or file financial accounts.

  • No VAT or GST is applicable.

How to Register a BVI Company:

The most common type of corporation that is formed in the BVI are companies that that can issue shares (limited by shares). Any new business wishing to incorporate in the British Virgin Islands is required to do so under the BVI Business Companies Act of 2004. In the BVI, these types of businesses are permitted do financial transactions with non-residents of the BVI. A common term used in the BVI to define these types of businesses is “business companies". Following are the requirements to register a Company in BVI:

  • You need to find a registered agent whose location can be found in the British Virgin Islands. Your registered agent will assist you with the process of both registering and incorporate the company so that it legally meets all requirements in the BVI. Furthermore, the company or limited company is required to keep the registered agent for the duration of its existence, or else the company can incur a steep fine.

  • You also need to keep a registered office, which needs to be a physical location in the BVI, and this office cannot be a post office. You can, however, utilize the office of your registered agent for this.

  • You need to complete your Memorandum and Articles of Association for your company with your registered agent. After this, your registered agent will file the appropriate documentation with the Registrar.

  • Once the Registrar feels your corporation has met all rules and regulatory requirements and submitted all documentation, the company will receive a number alongside its certificate of incorporation. Completing incorporation can take as little as one day in some cases, and as long as five days in other cases.

  • The Registered Agent will appoint the company's first director(s) and company secretary, if one is required, although there is no legal requirement for a BVI company to have a company secretary.

Documents Required for BVI Company Registration:

The following documents are required to register a BVI Company:

  • Notarized passport of each shareholder/beneficial owner and director.

  • Notarized proof of residential address of each director and shareholder/beneficial owner (Must be in English or be translated in English).

  • The proposed 3 company names with ending suffix “Limited”, “Corporation” or “Incorporated”; or (b) the abbreviation “Ltd”, “Corp” or “Inc”.

  • The usual authorized is 50,000 shares or lower.

Let's Clear Your Doubts

Can a foreigner incorporate a company in BVI?


Can a foreigner own 100% of the equity?


Can I register Oner Person Company in BVI?

Yes. A company can be owned and operated by a single person; i.e., a person can be the sole shareholder and director of a company.

What is the minimum share capital requirement for registering a BVI Company?

US$ 50000 or Lower.

What are the requirements to a foreigner to register a Company in BVI?

There must be at least one director appointed. The company must have a registered office address in the BVI,

The company must have a minimum share capital of US$50000 or Lower.

I am a foreigner and do I need to physically present in BVI to register my Company?

Not Required. Our Associate Company Registered Agent will take care of everything.

How long will it take to incorporate my BVI Company?

In normal course in 1 day otherwise 3 to 5 business days.

Do I need to renew my company on annual basis?

Yes, you have to renew once in year.

Is my BVI Company taxed?

BVI Company is exempted from all taxes.

Does BVI Company need to file Register of Directors?

It is mandatory for a Register of Directors to be kept at the BVI registered office. There is no need to file the Register of Directors with the Registrar.

Is there any other compliance for BVI Company?

Basically, except for the annual renewal of the BVI company, the company is not required to submit any other form of annual return or financial statements to the BVI government, thus, this has greatly increase the simplicity of managing a BVI company.

Does the BVI Company need to maintain books of accounts?

Not Required.

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