Director Resignation: Submit resignation letter from the director and get your director resigned.

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File director resignation with us for less! Start here & Save! Contact Now!

Director Resignation

How to resign a Director:

To file a resignation of a director of the company, we need a resignation letter and board resolution to file his/her resignation in eForm DIR-12 with the Registrar of Companies.

Law Governing the Director Resignation:

Section 168 of the Companies Act, 2013 & Rule 15 of the Companies (Registration offices and fees) Rules, 2014.:

A director may resign from his office by giving a notice in writing to the company and the Board shall on receipt of such notice take note of the same and the company shall intimate the Registrar in such manner, within such time and in such form as may be prescribed and shall also place the fact of such resignation in the report of directors laid in the immediately following general meeting by the company: Provided that a director shall also forward a copy of his resignation along with detailed reasons for the resignation to the Registrar within thirty days of resignation in such manner as may be prescribed. The company shall within thirty days from the date of receipt of notice of resignation from a director, intimate the Registrar in Form DIR-12 and post the information on its website, if any.

Documents Required for a Director Resignation:

The following documents are required for resignation of a director.

  • Resignation Letter

  • Board Resolution

  • Digital Signature Certificate of one of the remaining directors

Step by Step Director Resignation Process:

Herein below is the step by step process to resign a director of the company:

  • 1

    Preparation of Documents

    Through CompaniesHouse - One Hour Job

    you need to provide the documents such as Resignation Letter, Extracts of Board Resolution and Digital Signature Certificate of one of the remaining directors of the Company. We will help in preparing letter of resignation and extracts of board resolution.

  • 2

    Filing eForm DIR-12

    Through MCA web portal - 30 Minutes Job

    Once the documents are ready, we will prapre the eForm DIR-12 filling all the details along with above documents as an attachments and append his/her DSC along with a Company Secretary DSC and uplod the same with MCA web portal.

    You can find herein below the specimen eForm DIR12:

    You can find herein below the instruction KIT:

  • 3

    MCA Approval Letter

    Through MCA Portal - Instant Job

    Once we upload eForm DIR-12, the MCA will approve it through STP mode.

Let's Clear Your Doubts

Who is Director?

A director is an individual appointed to manage the affairs of the company.

Who is Mnaging Director?

Managing Director is an individual who is entrusted with substantial powers of the management.

Who is Whole Time Director in a Company?

A whole-time director is a director in the whole-time employment of the company. In other words, a director who devotes his whole time to the affairs of a company is called a whole-time director of the company.

Who is an Additional Director?

A director appointed by the Board of Directors of the Company is called as 'Additional Director' as per Companies Act. The additional director's validity is limited to the upcoming general meeting only. You have to re appoint him in the AGM as regular director if you want to avail his services.

Who is alternative director?

An alternate director is an individual who is appointed to attend a board meeting on behalf of the director of a company where the principal director would be otherwise unable to attend.

How much time taken to resign a director?

With in 10 minutes, you can file resignation of director.

What is the government fee for director resignation?

It depends on the company's authorised share capital. For one lakh authorised share capital company, the director appointment fee is Rs. 300/-.

File Director Resignation with us for less! Start here & Save! Contact Now!

Submit resignation letter from the director and get your director resigned!