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ISO Certification

What ISO Certification:

ISO stands for International Organisation for Standardization, it is an independent, non-governmental international organisation that develops standards to esure the safety, quality and efficiency of products, services and systems. It certifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service or procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance. In global market, it is difficult to check the quality, safety or efficiency of the product or service that is where ISO plays vital role in quality, safety or efficiency certification.

International Standards make things better. They give world-class certifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. They are instrumental in facilitating international trade. ISO head quarters are located at Geneva, Switzerland. The certification is handled by third party audit and tested annually.

Types of ISO Certifications:

  • ISO 9001: It is a quality management system, which ensures that your products or services met your customer's needs. It improves the quality management systems of the organisation. Presently ISO 9001:2015 is in place.

  • ISO 27001: It is an Information Management Security Systems certification which controls the risks to your business systems, technology and data.

  • ISO 14001: It is an Environmental Management System certification which improves the environmental system of the organisation. It can help increase your employee engagement and improve your legal and regulatory compliance.

  • ISO 45001: It is an Health and Safety Management Certification, which helps in protecting your employees and key stake holders from harm. Construction and Engineering industries require this certifiation.

  • ISO 17100: It is a certification for Translation Services Management System, which covers the essential processes for providing a translations service.

  • ISO 22301: It is a certification for Business Continuity Managment System, which leads to greater competitiveness and decreases the amount of ‘down time’ a business will have if the unexpected occurs.

  • BS 15713: It is a certification for destruction of confidential material information of a customer.

  • BS 10012:2017: It is a certification for Personal Information Management System, which provides a structured, scalable management system that supports all organisations with the management of personal information.

Benefits of ISO Certification:

  • Management: You will have better internal management system.

  • Goodwill: An enitity which is having ISO Certification will enjoy the Goodwill.

  • Suitability: It is suitable for small and large organisations.

  • Global Presence: You can expand your market to international level efficiently.

Let's Clear Your Doubts

What is ISO Certification?

ISO Certification is a seal of approval from a 3rd party body that a company runs to one of the internationally recognised ISO management systems.

Why should I take ISO Certification?

To have the set of standards to achieve the organisation objectives.

What is mode of payment?


Who can issue an ISO Cerficate?

It is issued by certification/registration bodies also called as Registrars or Certification Body, which are independent of ISO. Certification Body need to be accredited by an International Accreditaion Forum (IAF).

What happens if we don't have ISO Certificaton?

You may loose the potential customers.

In howmany days a I will get ISO Certificate?

Normally, with in one month.

What is the fee for ISO Certificate?

It depends on the size of the organisation and standard it chooses. Normally for an ISO 9001:2015 it costs you Rs. 10,000/-.

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