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Change your Company Name with us for less! Start here & Save! Contact Now!

Change of Company Name

Why Company Name Change is Required:

The Company may change its name due the following reasons:

  • Brand Confusion: If a brand confusion occurs with other competitors with in your own industry, you may loose the business and may change the company name to know that yours is an unique.

  • Change of Line of Business: When you change the industry, products and strategy, the company name change is required.

  • Legacy Name: Many companies choose to name their organization after their founder. This is especially common with professional services firms, ranging from the financial and legal sectors to architects and creatives. But, if your organization doesn’t have that level of name recognition or legacy, founder-based names might be problematic for you especially if the founder leaves the organisation.

  • Locatoin Name: Many local businesses choose to brand their company based on their location and if you want to expand to other locations, this can be especially limiting.

  • Generic: You name should be one of your company’s distinguishing factors. However, if your name is too generic or unmemorable, it might be time to let it go.

  • Company Name is Big: Once you create a brand in the market, you can apply for change of name with that brand. Ex. Delhi Cloth Mills Limited changed their name to DCM Limitd.

  • Difficulty in Pronouncing: When customers are finding difficulty in prounouncing your company name, you can opt for change of name.

  • Government Orders: If your company name is violative to the provisions of the Companies Act, the government may give you an order to change the name.

  • Sentiment: You may change the company name as per your sentiment.

  • Tkeover: When the company is takenover by other investors, they may apply for change of company name.

Law Governing Change of Company Name:

Section 13 (2) of the Companies Act, 2013 and rule 29(2) of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 prescribe the procedure for change of Company Name:

  • Section, 13 of the Companies Act: Subject to the approval of the Registrar of Companies, the name of the Company can be changed by passing a special resolution in the general meeting of the members of the company.

  • Rule 29(2) of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014: An application shall be filed with the Registrar in Form INC-24 along with the pament of prescribed fee.

Documents Required for a Change of Company Name:

The following documents are required for change of Company Name:

  • Extracts of Board Resolution

  • New Name Approval Letter

  • Digital Signature Certificate of one of the directors

  • Notice of General Meeting along with Explanatory Statement

  • Extracts of Members Resolution

  • Altered MOA

  • Altered AOA

Step by Step Company Name Change Process:

Herein below is the step by step process to change the company name:

  • 1

    Board Meeting:

    Through CompaniesHouse - One Hour Job

    Hold a board meeting to change the Company Name and provide us the extracts of board resolution.

  • 2

    Company Name Application through RUN:

    Through MCA web portal - 30 Minutes Job

    Once the documents are ready, we will make an application for change of name through RUN. Then, MCA Office will approve the name if it subject to availability and issues the name approval letter through email.

  • 3

    Take Shareholders Approval:

    Through CompaniesHosue - Duration is subject to AOA

    Convene a general meeting of the members of the company and take the ascent of the members by passing a special resolution. Arrange the general meeting notice, explanatory statement, extracts of members resolution, Altered MOA and Altered AOA.

  • 4

    Filing of Form MGT-14 & Form INC-24:

    Through MCA web portal - 1 Hour Job

    Then, we will file the above documents as an attachments to Form MGT-14 & Form INC-24 and pay the requisite fee.

  • 5

    MCA Approval:

    Through MCA web portal - Duration subject MCA Processing time

    Then, if all the documents in order, the MCA will approve the forms and issues you the ned Certificate of Incorporation consequent upon the Company Name. Then you can make corrections wherever required.

    You can find herein below the instruction KIT:

Let's Clear Your Doubts

How to change Company Name?

First file new name request with MCA through MCA RUN service, once the new name is approved, file Form-24 and get the new certificate of incorporation.

What is required to file new name request through MCA RUN service?

Board Resolution is required.

What are required once the new name is approved?

Extracts of Members Resolution, EGM Notice and Explanatory Statement, New MOA & AOA are required. You can file all these formats on our download section.

Can I change my company name with out professional help?

No. Professional signature is required to attest the correctness of the documents.

Is my new name subject to Name Availability guidelines?

Yes. It is subject the name availability guidelines and MCA approval.

How much time taken to Change the Company Name?

With in 10 to 15 days, the company name will be changed.

What is the government fee for name change of a company?

It depends on the company's authorised share capital. For one lakh authorised share capital company, the total fee is approximately Rs. 3,300/-.

Change your Company Name with us for less! Start here & Save! Contact Now!

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